What is cricket betting?

Cricket is one of the most favored sports in the UK and the former colonial countries of this island nation. It is especially popular in India, Pakistan and Australia, that’s why huge money is concentrated in Asian bookmakers within the designated sports direction. The popularity of cricket has aroused great interest. Let’s take a closer look at the features and nuances of the game.

What are the features of cricket?

  • Outwardly, everything resembles baseball, there is also a thrower (bowler) and a player with a special bat (batsman) in cricket. This is where the external similarity ends and the differences in the rules of the game begin:
  • each cricket squad consists of 11 players and one substitute;
  • the match takes place in a special circle (20 meters in diameter) – pitch;
  • only the attacking side can score points, the main task of the defending team is to withdraw from the game all the players of the attacking team as soon as possible;
  • batsmen score points when the ball is bounced away from the opposing field players so that it has time to run to the opposite end of the pitch before the field players touch the bounced ball;
  • the defending team knocks the batsman out of the game if the thrower managed to destroy the special wicket behind the reflecting blow by the thrower, or when the batsman reflected the ball so that the field players managed to catch it before touching the ground;
  • the match is divided into separate periods, innings: it ends with the last (tenth) batsman knocked out of the game;
  • each bowler shoots one over (6 shots) followed by a changeover.

These are the basic rules, there are much more of them, and it is especially worth studying the additional conditions for scoring and knocking out batsmen from the game.

How to bet on cricket?

The cricket betting market cannot be called huge, you can gamble on the following options: outcomes; handicap; totals (individual); betting options within 1 inning; on statistics: the method of destruction of the 1st wicket, etc.
You can place a long-term bet within a single tournament or player. Experienced bettors usually play live and choose test matches. If you closely follow the course of the struggle, know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, then from time to time you can look for obvious distortions in the line and place promising bets. Huge audiences in English speaking countries choose their favorite teams for betting, regardless of statistics, so overvalued or underestimated cricket odds are the norm. Bettors need to keep track of the statistics, conduct their own analytics of events.
There are no universal strategies here, it all depends on the bettor’s attentiveness and his knowledge of the participants in the confrontation.